Ross LeBaron and Joseph Musser

Mormon Fundamentalism Ross LeBaron
Joseph White Musser (sitting),  circa 1940. Musser (1872-1954) was one of the main leaders of the Fundamentalist  movement and senior member of the “Priesthood Council”.

REVELATION given to patriarch Ross W. LeBaron, at the home of H. Chase Kimball, in Salt Lake City, April 3rd, 1951. My father had recently passed away, and I was concerned over what course to follow in connection with the patriarchal work he had given me in the spring of 1950, and received the following revelation:

Thus saith the Lord; Go unto my servant Joseph W. Musser and have your patriarchal keys which you received from your father confirmed: for he is the only man among the Fundamentalists that has sufficient authority to do so; for he has received his second anointings and holds the fullness of the priesthood.

I called the home of Bro. Musser; one of his wives answered the phone, and I asked for an appointment to see him: but she informed me that he was not feeling well.

I told her that I had work to do, and that I would like to see Bro. Musser before I started; and that if it was of the Lord he would see me.

She told me to wait and she would ask him – when she returned to the phone, she told me he wanted to see me and to come at two that afternoon.

One of his wives stayed in the room while we talked.

As I entered the room he spoke first, saying, “You have had a revelation”.

“Yes”, I answered. “And I have come to honor you as Abraham honored Melchizedek”.

Bro. Musser asked me to sit down on the twin bed next to where he was lying, and held my hand during the conversation.

I related the story of my father receiving the patriarchal keys of the lineage of the prophet Joseph Smith through Benjamin F. Johnson, and told him that before my father died he had conferred them upon me, and that I was the patriarchal heir of the prophet Joseph Smith.

He said, “That is a mighty high claim”. “Yes,” I said, “The highest title of birth, and the second order of priesthood.”

Bro. Musser said in a firm voice that thrilled and penetrated my soul, “I confirm this”.

I explained some of my views concerning patriarchal law and that the time had now come to start teaching these principles; he again confirmed my views.

I felt to bless him under the patriarchal authority I held, and promised him that he should have the strength to help in this work.

A few weeks later I wrote him a letter instructing him to go forth in his old age, even as Adam, and bless and organize his house according to the patriarchal law.

Some would think that I was presumptuous, but Christ accepted baptism at the hands of John the Baptist.

Some say that Brother Musser was sick when he made his last appointments; but I know his condition at the time I refer to, and witnessed a dual personality during the time of our conversation.

I know of what I write, I have seen various conditions among people since childhood.

God has the power to take or restore one’s faculties at his pleasure; and used Brother Musser to bring about the transition from the Gentiles to the House of Israel in such a way that those who are left to preside can use their free agency.

There is enough evidence of my work for those who want it to accept it; and there is enough evidence against me to reject me and feel justified.

It was the same at the time of the manifesto: there is enough evidence either side for one to justify himself either way he goes; but justification is not exaltation.

However sick Bro. Musser was; he was not sick enough to let a lesser order of priesthood preside over the key and power of endless life order that he himself held.

I say to all those who do not want to accept the authority that I hold: walk in the light of fires you have kindled, and was old as a garment; and die in Babylon, even Babylon the great, which shall mall.

In the things that Bro. Musser did after 1950, se set a pattern for the patriarchal era.

For those who wish to disqualify Brother Musser’s confirmation of the patriarchal keys which I hold; let me tell you this: Bro. Musser confirmed me to be the heir of the prophet Joseph Smith. In 1943.

In 1952 Bro. Musser told Rulon Allred that my work did not come under his (Rulon’s) authority; and that he had not given me anything; only confirmed what my father gave me.

My work is an independent work, and not subject to the approval or disapproval of the Fundamentalist council.

I hold the right of presidency, by birth over all the patriarchal authority of the earth; and must lay claim to and exercise the authority of it or lose to another..

Bro. Musser looked to the land of the South in his last years, and to; his own house.

Some day the Saints will look to the South, and if they wait too long, the money situation will not be in their favor as it is now.

The day will come when a bog of flour will be worth a bag of gold, and the Mexican money will be worth more than the American; and a great advantage will be lost.

The day will come when the Fundamentalist council will be totally at a loss as to what to do if they reject the authority I hold. The Lord will totally withdraw his guidance and spirit from them.

If tithing is to save the people in the day of burning, it must be used for that purpose.


LeBaron, Ross Wesley. “Behold, I say unto you: THE REDEMPTION OF ZION must needs come by power…” [The Yellow Book]. The Church of the First-born. [circa 1962], pages 10-14. Spelling and capitalization as in the original.

2 thoughts on “Ross LeBaron and Joseph Musser

  1. The fundamentalists rejected authority in 1935, at the passing of Lorin Woolley, claiming that John Y. Barlow, in all his boasting of violating women (Matt. 5:28), and thus having rejected the Lord, was still the “worthy senior” to represent the Lord.

    I know your claim comes earlier than that, from Joseph to Benjamin Johnson, vs Brigham Young, which I don’t care to debate much. It’s true, there are 3 priesthoods, but they will agree in the true order. All have sinned (Rom. 3:23).


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