Ross LeBaron: Keys Given to Joel LeBaron

Passport Picture of Alma Dayer LeBaron and Maud Lucinda McDonald LeBaron, 1920. Children, from left to right: Ben, Alma, Ross, Irene, Lucinda, Jenny. | Photo courtesy of

There are three 60-year periods in Mormonism.  One for Joseph Smith. One for Oliver Cowdery or Hyrum Smith, because they both held the same keys. The third 60-year period relates to the keys given in the Nauvoo temple after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum. These keys were kept secret. These are keys of the Adamic Dispensation. You can read about it in section 124 of the Doctrine and Covenants, verses 25-28. It says the Nauvoo temple was built for the Most High God to come to, or dwell in. It said that he will receive the fulness of the priesthood, that which had been lost to ancient Israel.

Adam came to the Nauvoo temple, and it was kept secret. He conferred the keys He held on the patriarchal heir of Ephraim, who was Benjamin F. Johnson. Benjamin F. Johnson conferred these keys of the Adamic Dispensation on my father, Alma Dayer LeBaron. This is what the great controversy in the LeBaron family is about. The LeBaron family split into two sides. All my brothers took the side opposite to me.

My father told me I was to lead one side and Ben the other. All my brothers took off on Ben’s side. My father conferred on me the keys to the Patriarchal Order of Adam. He conferred upon my brother Joel the Sealing Power of Endless Life. Joel did not understand the keys given to him.

My brothers and I incorporated the Church of the Firstborn, September 21, 1955. At that time, Joel and myself were arguing about who should preside over the Church of the Firstborn. He said my father had given him keys. My father had given me the Patriarchal Keys and the Birthright. I told my brother if he would confer upon me the keys he held, I would confer upon him the keys I held in relation to his family. So, he conferred upon me all the keys my father had given him. When he was killed in 1971, it left me head of all the keys of the priesthood held by Benjamin F. Johnson and by my father.


LeBaron, Ross Wesley.  Talk on KSXX (Excerpt). December 25, 1987.

Editor’s Note

The church formed by Ross, Joel, Ervil and Floren LeBaron on 21 Sept, 1955 was named the Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Times. According to their minutes, Joel and Floren were ordained, while Ross had his paternal ordination confirmed:

“The calling of Ross W. LeBaron recived(sic) of his father as holding all the keys, rites [rights?] and athority [sic] of the Patriarchal order of priesthood was confirmed by Patriarchs Joel F. and Floren M. LeBaron to preside as head patriarch in the “Church of thee firstborn of the fulness of times,” to hold all the patriarchal keys of this dispensation held by the Prophet Joseph Smith and handed down to patriarch Benjamin F; Johnson by the prophet and confired(sic) upon the patriarch Alma D. LeBaron who confired(sic) them upon his sons.”

Joel was the President of the Church, a lesser office than the one held by Ross, the Presiding Patriarch. Afterwards, however, Joel claimed a visitation by heavenly messengers and decided he was the one who should preside over all, including the Presiding Patriarch. Joel believed he was himself the “one mighty and strong” that would set the church of Christ in order. Ross LeBaron then incorporated the Church of the Firstborn.

4 thoughts on “Ross LeBaron: Keys Given to Joel LeBaron

  1. Benjamin LeBaron at the memorial service held in Ensenada for Joel F. Le Baron: “One thing we now know for sure.” What is that Ben? “Joel wasn’t the one mighty and strong.”


    1. The One Mighty and Strong is Adam, which is a covenant body. It’s lots of people, one of which could very well have been Joel LeBaron. If he held valid Melchizedek Priesthood, he was so.


  2. Note of correction to the editor’s note: Ervil did not participate with Ross, Joel, and Floren in organizing the Church in 1955.


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