Ross LeBaron: Priesthood Expounded, 1985

Priesthood Expounded is the last tract published by Ross LeBaron during his lifetime. It contains, among other themes, his views on the different orders of the priesthood, his belief in the Adam-God doctrine and reincarnation, as well as an explanation of the coming of Elijah to the Nauvoo temple, an event LeBaron believed was essential to the understanding of the Patriarchal keys received by Benjamin F. Johnson.

Ross LeBaron Revelation Firstborn
Ross Wesley LeBaron in January, 1984. | Photo courtesy of Tom Green

This copy of the Priesthood Expounded was edited by Ross LeBaron, showing at some parts his handwriting on the typewritten document.

One thought on “Ross LeBaron: Priesthood Expounded, 1985

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this, it’s really very interesting. Ross’ view of the priesthood authority is totally different than anything else I read on the subject so far. Are there any plans to post the other tracts here too, it would be nice to have a whole library of Ross’ works available somewhere? I first heard about him about five years ago from a guy who met him once sometime in the 1970s.
    As a sidequestion, is his church in any way still active as an organisation?


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