Certificate of Incorporation, 1955

Certificate of Incorporation issued by the State of Utah for The Church of the First-Born on 01 December, 1955. This copy of the Certificate is found at the James Wardle Papers at the University of Utah Special Collections.

Ross Wesley LeBaron incorporated his Church of the First-Born in December, 1955.


State of Utah

Office of

Secretary of State


I, Lamont F. Toronto, Secretary of State of the State of Utah, do hereby certify that on the __FIRST___ Day of __DECEMBER ___ 1955 was filled in my office the articles of Association of the said Association that said articles contain the statement of facts required by law, and that said Corporation is hereby constituted a body corporate, with right of succession as specified in its said articles of agreement, and is hereby authorize [sic] to exercise all the functions, enjoy all the privileges of a Corporation and to transact all business of said Corporation as specified in its said articles of said Association.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of said State to be affixed, at Salt Lake City, this __FIRST__ day of ___DECEMBER__ A.D. 1955————

[signature Lamond F. Toronto]


BY [signature Mendell L. Cottrell?]


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