Articles of Incorporation of The Holy Order of God

Articles of Incorporation
Corporate Sole
The Holy Order of God


Article I

The name of the Order shall be —- The Holy Order of God.

Article II

The purpose of the Order shall be — to teach the laws and administer the ordinances of the everlasting Gospel; and bring as many as shall come to the Church of the First-Born.  See Doctrine & Covenants 77:11.

Article III

The estimated value of the assets of the Order at the time of the making of these articles is —- $500.00.

Article IV

The titles of the one making these articles are — One Mighty and Strong, One Like Unto Moses, the Root of Jessee, Zion’s Deliverer, the Priest of Levi and the Marred Servant.

Article V

The succession of the presiding officer shall be— to the First-Born heir — according to the Order of the Holy Priesthood.

Article VI

The Order of this Priesthood was instituted in the beginning before the world was; and came down through the fathers to the present time — having been restored in this dispensation through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Article VII

The Holy Priesthood was conferred upon me by the President of the Melchezidek Priesthood in September, 1936.  I received the presiding keys of the Patriarch Priesthood under the hands of my father, Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr. in March 1950, and was instructed by him to go ahead with his patriarchal work in his stead.

Article VIII

On the 1260th day from the signing of the Civil Rights Law (December 14, 1967) the Gospel shall be taken from the Gentiles and given to the House of Israel.  See Daniel 7:9, 19.  Also Revelation 10:1-7 & Chapter 11.

Article IX

The mailing address at the time of these articles is —- P.O. Box 705, S.L.C., Utah.

[Signed]  Ross W. LeBaron

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