Ross LeBaron: Keys of The Priesthood


Transfiguration of Jesus, by Carl Bloch.


“What are the keys of the priesthood”?  “This generation is not worthy to know”.  John Taylor.

Neither is this generation. Ross W. LeBaron.

There is a very good reason why the orders of the priesthood were not taught in plainness. All one has to do is to look around themselves and see the many claimants to the keys, powers and authority of the Holy Priesthood and they will understand.

By not understanding the truth, they have all claimed the wrong keys, to the wrong office, of the wrong order, of the wrong priesthood, of the wrong dispensation.

“For your iniquity was your mother put away”. Isaiah ch. 50.

The finger of God is pointed directly at the offspring of the Mormon Church; for doing the same as the mother Church, in signing their manifesto and rejecting those holding the keys of the priesthood.

All those in the Church, who claim their keys through Peter, James and John to Christ, are not claiming the Keys of Elijah; and in the same manner, those who claim their keys through the latter-day Apostles to Joseph Smith have a serious problem: they cannot trace their claim of keys back to Elijah.

Joseph Smith made it very clear, that he did not have the authority to restore the keys to Israel. The reason is obvious: A lesser Order cannot bestow authority to a higher Order.

The gospel was to be taken from the Gentiles, and given to the House of Israel. This could be done only by one holding the priesthood spoken of in the 28th verse of the D&C sec. 124.

Joseph Smith, in his life time, did not have the authority to restore to Israel that which she had lost; neither was he given the keys to set in order the House of God.

The next great work pertaining to the work of God on earth is the return of the Ancient of Days. This is spoken of in the scriptures as the Lords Strange Act. I believe this will take place of May, of 1985

Whenever God sets up his Kingdom, the Devil will set up a Counterfeit Government, called the Beast with two horns like a lamb, “The World Bankers”. They will control the people through the Beast with the seven Heads and ten Horns, “United States and her Allies”. See Rev. Ch. 13.

We are now in that period spoken of related to the sounding of the sixth trumpet. Rev. 9:13 and Dan 12:1. This is not the battle of Armageddon. The battle of Armageddon is the beginning of the seventh thousand year period.

The Keys of the Priesthood belong to the descendant of Christ, an heir of the Prophet, but not by blood descent from Joseph Smith. The title for that prophet is, “The Root of Jesse”.



Numbers 1, 2, and 3. The House of the Lord, for the Elders of Zion, an ensign to the nations.


Numbers 7, 8, and 9, the Sacred Apostolic Repository, for the use of the Bishop.

Numbers 10, 11, and 12, are to be called, HOUSE of the LORD, for the Presidency of the High and Most Holy Priesthood, after the Order of Melchizedek, which was after the Order of the Son of God.

Numbers 13, 14, and 15, House of the Lord for the Deacons in Zion, Helps in Government.

Numbers 16, 17, and 18, House of the Lord for the Teachers in Zion, Messenger to the Church.

Numbers 19, 20, and 21, House of the Lord, the law of the Kingdom of Heaven, and messenger to the People, for the Highest Priesthood after the Order of Aaron. [Priests]

Numbers 22, 23, and 24, House of the Lord for the presidency of the High Priesthood, after the Order of Aaron, a Standard for the People. History of the Church 1:359 [Presiding Bishop]

Plat of the City of Zion, circa Early June–25 June 1833. | Image: Joseph Smith Papers Project.


This document shows some very interesting facts; such as: two Melchizedek priesthoods, two Aaronic priesthoods, and that the Evangelical priesthood is the Holy Order of God, or the Patriarchal Order of Adam, which show that Adam is God.

It shows that there is a higher priesthood than the order of the Son of God, which is called the Holy Order of God.

It shows that there is an Aaronic Priesthood for the Holy Order of God, and an Aaronic Priesthood for the priesthood of the Son of God.

If John the Baptist got his priesthood from Noah, then he held the Aaronic priesthood of the Holy Order of God, while others of that time held the Aaronic Priesthood of the order of the Son of God.

The Priest and Kingdom Keys of Ancient Israel were taken from Israel and given to Christ by John the Baptist, but the Birthright Keys of Ephraim were not.

This also shows that an Apostle of Jesus Christ is lesser in dignity than a High Priest of Adam. The presiding Patriarch of the Holy Order of God can ordain a president or Patriarch to the Holy Order of the Son of God, but the president of the Priesthood of the Son of God can not ordain a Patriarch over the Holly Order of God.



LeBaron, Ross Wesley. Priesthood Expounded. Self-published. Salt Lake, 1985, p. 06-07.

One thought on “Ross LeBaron: Keys of The Priesthood

  1. “those who claim their keys through the latter-day Apostles to Joseph Smith have a serious problem: they cannot trace their claim of keys back to Elijah.”

    I consider this statement contrary to the oracles of God which say the gift and power to receive the oracles of God, which is the Lord’s Anointed Prophet mantle of Elijah, would go to the Church as the successor of Joseph Smith Jr.

    This is clearly outlined in D&C 43:3-5 and D&C 90:3-5. This is also affirmed in the 1880 oracle given to Wilford Woodruff when he was merely an Apostle. The Lord indicated that indeed the Apostles were the successor to lead the people Israel and the successor to the Church (via the Apostles) would be the Son of Man. This gift, power and authority would stay with the Apostles until the Son of Man came.

    This means the keys of Peter, James and John held by the Apostles inherently had added to it the keys of the mantle of Elijah as well, until the time that the Manchild was born and Son of Man was here in the flesh.

    Therefore, this highest gift, power and authority to lead the Priesthood as the Lord’s Anointed Prophet would go from the Church (who held those powers in common that the Apostles presided over) would be transferred to the male offshoot of the Church that would be the Priesthood Body chosen to carry on the work of the Father to establish the Celestial Kingdom. This new Priesthood body was to be organized prior to December 23rd, 1890 in order to fulfill prophecy, and indeed there was such a body formed in order to keep and preserve all of the Father’s higher Celestial laws.

    The Apostles most definitely held this power after Joseph Smith Jr. in addition to their own keys from the previous apostles so there is no error whatsoever in tracing these powers through the Church as Joseph’s successor.


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