Ross LeBaron: Hearken to the Voice of the Lord

Ross LeBaron Revelation Firstborn
Ross Wesley LeBaron on January 19, 1984. | Photo courtesy of Tom Green

REVELATION given to Patriarch Ross W. LeBaron, at Drake, Arizona, June 5, 1962. I had been studing the scriptures concerning the ‘Mighty and Strong’, the ‘Root of Jesse’, and other prophecies relating to the time of the restoration, when the Lord would set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people.

I had received a revelation pertaining to the patriarchal order in the time of Melchizedek; and had written it in the form of Christ speaking in person, as the spirit guided, and was wondering if the Lord was displeased with me for using this form of wording and wondering if some of the wording was not just my imagination; when a voice said unto me: “Hearken to the voice of the Lord unto you my servant Wesley”.

I wrote the words exactly as they were given, until the wording, “and listen for the voice of my spirit,” when I thought to change the wording.

I wrote, “And obey the voice of my spirit,” the words stopped and my mind went blank.

By the contrast, I knew that I had been writing under inspiration or revelation.

When I corrected the wording the rest of the revelation was given.

Hearken to the voice of the Lord unto you my servant Wesley; for I have called you by the voice of my spirit, from my throne in the heavens; to the calling that I called my servant Abraham;

For have I not conferred upon you the holy priesthood after the order of the Son of God, through the lineage of the fathers back to Adam; and have I not conferred upon you the patriarchal keys of the lineage of the prophet Joseph Smith under the hands of your father;

Have I not guided your footsteps; and revealed my will unto you from time to time.

If you will look unto me and listen for the voice of my spirit; I will guide you through deep water and over high mountains; and I will keep your feet in the paths they should follow:

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory of the mortal kingdom; even as I held it when I was upon earth in the flesh.

Go forth, and lift up they head and rejoice in the Lord; for I have forgiven thy sins, if you sin no more and strive diligently to keep my commandments. Amen.

Have I not given my word in great plainness.

Father in heaven, may I use my talents for the building of thy kingdom, and the beautifying of thy vineyard.

May I no more seek the riches of the world; but give me power in humility, and strength in weakness; even the power and strength of thy spirit.


LeBaron, Ross Wesley. “Behold, I say unto you: THE REDEMPTION OF ZION must needs come by power…” [The Yellow Book]. The Church of the First-born. [circa 1962], pages 1-2. Spelling and capitalization as in the original.

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