Edsil Allred: Patriarchal Blessing of Ross LeBaron, 1934

This patriarchal blessing received by Ross LeBaron at age 19 is the first of two recorded blessings he obtained from LDS stake patriarchs. A mimeograph copy of the blessing printed by Ross LeBaron was given to Mormon collector James Wardle and can be seen or downloaded here.

Ross LeBaron interview
Ross Wesley LeBaron in June, 1977. | Image: Dale Van Atta. Courtesy of L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Brigham Young University.


Central, Arizona   February 9, 1934

Blessing, given by Patriarch Edsil Myron Allred on the head of Ross Wesley LeBaron, son of Alma Dayer LeBaron and Maud LeBaron, born November 16, 1914, in Overton, Nevada.

Dear Wesley: In the name of the Redeemer of Israel, I place my hands upon your head and give unto you a Patriarchal Blessing, which will be of great worth to you in future life, if you study the same and live up to every privilege that comes before you.

You were chosen in the spirit world to come to earth and take a tabernacle and be a representative in your father’s family in counsel and advice, and to cherish the mother that gave you birth.

You are a true Israelite, a descendant of Abraham – the great Patriarch, and a direct lineage of Ephraim, that the Lord spake, and the ancients apostles said would come to earth in the last days; and you were blessed by coming through such noble lineage. The Lord blessed you with a strong and active body. He would be much displeased if you defiled this body in any way. Therefore, I would say unto you, cultivate good habits and refrain from the evils of the world, that your body may be clean and pure, that the Spirit of the Lord may dwell with you.

You will be privileged to traval [travail] among those that have not seen the light of the gospel and explain the beauties of salvation in the Celestial Kingdom. Be diligent, study the scriptures, let them become your constant companion. You will see eye single to your Heavenly Father, and be able to understand, be able to be determined to do good w to do good wherein you are called to fill – your mother’s heart will leap with joy.

Prepare yourself to be as mortar in the Potter’s hand. I say unto you, clothe yourself in the bonds of charity as with a mantel [mantle] of perfection and peace. Be ready and willing to protect your sister from evil hat might be thrown in her pathway. I bless you with health and strength that your body may be strong, that you will be able to stand the strain and pressure, for it will be your privilege to sit in counsel with the wise men of the earth, help to constitute laws that will free the downcast, and bring equality to men.

Therefore, it will be necessary for you to familiarise yourself with the constitution of the land. You will see rebellion arise. Many will turn traitor against the authority of this church. You will be caused to mourn. To see those you thought strong in the faith, when their knees will quake and they will fall by the wayside. Many will be called, but few will be chosen owing to the iniquity of the hearts of men. But if you will depend on divine guidance to direct you, the eyes of your understanding will be opened, your tongue will be loosed, and you will be able to proclaim triumph of great forces to this generation, and be a savior in your father’s family. Be true to your manhood, true to the trust that is placed upon you, true to the priesthood; and you will be able to refrain from evil and trample sin under your feet.

I would say unto you, lift your head and rejoice. Fear not for the Lord will be with you, if you will always obey his commandments. Humble yourself before your Heavenly Father– in due time He will bless you with a companion of your equal that will be willing to raise up sons and daughters that will be an honor to the name they represent. You will be blessed with sufficient means to carry on your labors. If you will be liberal in paying your tithes and offerings, the Lord will bless you many fold.

I bless you to live long upon the earth, as long as life seems sweet unto you. I bless and seal you up against the power bless and seal you up against the power of the Destroyer, that the enemy may have no power over you, and that you may have every righteous desire of your heart, and that your last days will be your happiest days. When you look back through the stream of time and see the great achievement you have made, you will glorify your Heavenly Father that you were born of noble lineage.

I bless and seal you up to this end, and it is all through your faithfulness and the work you do that will receive these blessings, although I pronounce them upon your head, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, even so, Amen.

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