Ross LeBaron: The Cause of Planetary Motion

milky-way-rocks-night-landscape-167843THE CAUSE OF PLANETARY MOTION

By R. W. Le Baron

That which is beyond the realms of reason, we atribute to God. Therefore, to most intelligent beings, God is the creative law of nature. This God, if I may call it such, is the most powerfull law, and authority, in all time and space. No one disobeys without paying the exact penalty; This God is the most ruthless force in existence, and also the kindest, for it gives us life everlasting. This God is a law, not a personality. (Personal Gods, are those, who by obedience to law, have gone ahead of the ones they preside over. If a man knows more than others, Does he not have more power, more glory.)

All truths seem simple once understood, never-the-less, that which is self-existant, can not be explained. Can you tell me when time began, or where space ends?

Is it not reasonable, that matter exists throughout endles space; That the law of matter attracting other matter is endless.
The attraction of matter is the creator of motion, and the basic source of all energy. This would remain true, even in the absence of intelligent beings, or life of any kind. Basic laws are self existant.

To understand how the attraction of matter causes motions, let us imagine all the planets being blown to fine bits, and distributed evenly throughout all space until all heat, light, and motion are gone.

               .*.O.*._.*.O.*.   .*.O.*._.*.O.*.   .*.O.*._.*.O.  .

          (O)           (O)            (O)

By the very law of nature itself, these small bits would be attracted to each other; creating small amounts of motion, heat, and light. They thus become larger and farther. Once again they unite, but they have farther to travel, and again more speed.

This can and will go on forever, and is a perfect law of per-petual increase of heat, light, and motion, which is endless.

Above I have placed a line of small dots to represent matter throughout endless space. The purpose is to show that no matter how many times they are attracted, they are still evenly distributed in space, and the reaction can take place all over again.

This heat, light, and motion once generated, cannot be dissipated eccept by dispersing matter back into its original diffusion, which is contrary to nature.

The attraction of matter, associated with intelligences, is called love, thus it is said that God is love. Without attraction there would be no planetary system; without love, there would be no life.

Al life proves the power of mind and will over matter. When you move your arm do you not first do it in your thoughts?


1. James D. Wardle Papers. University of Utah Special Collections. Document with handwritten annotation “Summer 1951”.

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